This Wardrobe Staple Is Turning Into the It-Item of 2022

In the fashion universe, trending pieces and wardrobe basics tend to be mutually exclusive. Generally, you can opt to dress in something trendy and of-the-moment or choose timeless, capsule wardrobe pieces that never really go out of style. But in 2022, one piece has blurred the lines and crossed over from the un-noteworthy essential category to being named a must-have item: the white tank top.


Source: Melodie Jeng | Getty Images

Yep, you heard that right. White tank tops have gone from a piece you reach for out of necessity to being a statement all on their own, largely due to the recent rise of Y2K fashion. Actresses, models, and cool girls alike have been constantly spotted letting their white tanks shine all on their own this year—no excessive styling required.

Despite all of the maximalist shirt options that are having their moment right now, the white tank has somehow managed to be the dark horse of the summer and score the position of being summer 2022’s it-item. And come fall, it isn’t going away. In fact, its popularity might be ramping up even more. On fall 2022 runways, the piece was seen at the likes of Prada, Bottega Veneta, and Chloe—just to name a few—and in almost every instance, it was seen shining all on its own.

It’s not a huge surprise that in the era of the relaxed, clean-girl aesthetic reigning supreme that a piece that couldn’t possibly be more simple is so popular. Especially paired with other effortless pieces, like the ever-so-popular trouser or an Emma Chamberlain-esque midi skirt, it gives the cool-girl vibe that just about everyone is after right now.



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