45 Random Home Items You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

I don’t know where I’d be in life without some of my favorite go-to home necessities. Without my Dyson cordless vacuum, the locational limitations of a wire would make cleaning exponentially more annoying. Without my humidifier, I’d wake up uncomfortably and annoyingly dry every single morning. And without my Nespresso machine and frother, I’d likely be hitting up Starbucks daily and spending way more money than I need to.

Maybe you’re just starting your home necessities collection, or maybe, you want to swap out some items that will make your life 100 times better. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite random home items that we love so dearly and, honestly, we wonder how we ever lived without them:




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Oh, sweet sweet home technology… you have our hearts. From making our lives exponentially easier to making us feel a bit safer, adding tech devices to your home is more than a cool party trick; it’s a necessity.



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Where would we be without our air fryers, pressure cookers, garlic presses, or lemon squeezers? Honestly, we’d rather not know. If you’re looking for a way to make your kitchen a bit more functional, look no further. These are the items you need to add to your kitchen STAT.



Q: What’s something that both neat freaks and those who don’t mind a mess have in common? A: They’d both agree that these go-to cleaning products make the chore of tidying up 10 times better. Whether you’re looking to perfect your cleaning game or get one started, these products are worth the “add to cart.”



Let’s set the mood, shall we? While you’re working on making your home an oasis, you’ll want to consider lighting, speakers, and aroma systems that’ll make your space one that you just won’t want to leave.


5 Kitchen Storage Solutions That Can Help Even The Smallest Space

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