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WOW WOMAN – Sanjana Bahl, Founder of ‘Nostalgia Homes’

There’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer. A WOW WOMAN should be two things: who and what she wants. This quote  shows how female empowerment is a must, and women should feel empowered more and more to do what they wish to accomplish in their life related to career, education, and any other things. Female empowerment is important because it is essential that women are able to do everything they set their motivations on.

Striking the right balance with her entrepreneurial venture, forging ahead and carving a luxury niche to her brand, SANJANA BAHL – (Founder of Nostalgia Homes) impressed us with her business acumen, her unflinching passion for building a successful business model and YES – being a winner all the way!!

A luxury home décor venture, Nostalgia Homes is a space for ornate and elegant pieces that help elevate your home or workspace. Founded in 2008, the label is an amalgamation of a passion for interior design and a desire to add value to every corner of your place.

The Interview:

How did your “Nostalgia Homes” come into being?

I started off by supplying sculptures and artefacts to decor stores across the country, inspired by my travel and love for art and craft. I used to hand-pick home decor products from across the globe during this phase of my career. Then, I started working with artisans in India, South Asia and South-East Asia and supplying to premium stores across the country as well as started decor giftable and catered to private clients as well as corporates. Soon, I started to branch out into outdoor decor and more bespoke indoor home decor. With the surge of appreciation I received then, I realised that it was time to launch my own brand and I took the leap forward.

Do you have an online presence if décor lovers want to buy some artefacts?

Yes, and we’ve seen massive growth in sales after we also established an online presence. We introduced an exclusive yet affordable range of Dining & Serving, Decor Accents, Giftables and Garden Accessories online. Our website is live now

Do share some of your secret success mantras for a successful business.

Patience, consistency, and having a plan towards your vision are my three mantras for a successful business. Any business does come with hurdles, but what helps overcome them to achieve success is patience, perseverance, and persistence without losing focus on the end goal.

What have you learnt from my mistakes?

When I went online during the pandemic and saw its potential, I realized that I made a mistake by not going online much earlier. However, the pandemic forced me to take that plunge and fix those mistakes.

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Balancing the career and home front with ease?

Automating most chores at home and aligning a systematic process is the only way to balance career and home. Both are equally important, and with a set system, you ensure that your home runs smoothly and your career also gets that attention. Nevertheless, I believe I am a home manager before an entrepreneur.

Women empowerment is all about –

Being accepting of every role that a woman chooses to adopt.

Some tips to inspire women of today.

Always aspire to be financially independent before anything else and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. This not only helps with mental stimulation but also serves as a great boost for self-esteem.

Always look at supporting and lifting other women up. Let go of the biases and let yourself and the women around you traverse the path they want to. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try your hand at things, even the never-done-before pursuits.

How can women succeed in an effective manner?

Figure out what you’re passionate about and can do best and work on those areas, monetizing on that. If your passion transforms into your work, then working comes with ease and joy. Then, no matter how many hurdles you have, you will stick in and tackle them with ease.

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  1. Very well said Sanjana..
    Your success is clear proof of your hardwork, sheer determination and self belief.
    Proud of you girl…keep inspiring!!


  2. Known this brand for many years and it’s not surprising anymore that we are showered with compliments for ANY Nostalgia product. Will recommend to try them once.


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