5 Must-Have Shoes for All of Your Cold-Weather Activities

Picture this: It’s 2014. We’re in the woes of winter and I’m trekking home from the library after a six-hour Biochem study session. It’s cold but, oddly, not as cold as it was yesterday, which has caused about 80% of the snow on campus to melt and flood just about every sidewalk in town. Cut to scenes of my feet, adorned by tennis shoes that I wore in the interest of studying in comfort and the submerged, two-mile-long walk ahead that sent an actual shudder up my spine.

I went through the five stages of grief about 14 times on that two-mile hike, as having soggy, nearly frost-bitten feet climbed to the top of my list of “mistakes I’ll never make again.” After just barely reaching my destination, I made a vow to myself: If I ever bought a shoe again, it had to be weather-resistant, comfortable, and cute. No exceptions. And with brands like SeaVees, that trifecta isn’t too good to be true.

With the exception of that one sky-high pair of heels that I’ll never actually wear, I’ve stayed pretty true to my previously set standard. So when I’m shopping for new shoes to tackle a Midwestern winter and to get me to and fro with comfort without sacrificing style, SeaVees is a seamless contender. With natural, non-synthetic rubber, premium textiles, and contoured cushy memory foam footbeds in all of their shoes, SeaVees are such a game changer when it comes to merging style, function, and comfort.


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And if having too-good-to-be-true shoes in your possession doesn’t sell you, SeaVees’ sustainability efforts will. Each year, SeaVees gives 1% of their revenue to environmental causes by partnering with eco-organizations and they offer an entire collection of eco-friendly sneakers and slides in partnership with SeaTrees. Shoes that make the planet and us happy? We’re all ears. If you want to elevate your casual shoe game this winter, look no further: SeaVees will take you from point A to point B with unmatched style:



For the cozy Sunday morning when you barely leave bed:

As far as I’m concerned, everyone needs a pair of cozy slides like these in their life. For all of those mornings when changing out of your PJs is an absolute no-go, it’s chilly AF, you can’t be bothered with cold, hardwood floors, and you want to walk about the cabin without sacrificing style, look no further. These slides are made of recycled vegan fleece and will elevate any cozy morning (or night) in.


Vegan Fleece Slides

2 colors available


For Bachelor night with your besties:

I’m a bit of a sneakerhead, and while a part of me wishes that I lived somewhere warm and dry enough to wear sneaks year-round, that simply isn’t my reality. So if I do take the risk, I always opt for a sneaker with a high platform sole so that if I encounter wet terrain, my feet are far enough from the ground that I won’t be bothered. I have a theory that sneakers make just about any getup cooler, so when I’m trying to elevate a matching set or a jeans-and-a-sweater situation, these suede Baja platform sneakers will have my back.


Platform Sneakers

4 colors available


For the mid-day walk that’ll help you refresh and recharge:

PSA: Hot girl walks don’t stop for the weather, and if you’re looking to make a morning or mid-day walk happen in the middle of the winter, look no further than a pair of water-resistant boots like these Mammoth Boots from SeaVees that feature a water-resistant cotton canvas. Put in your headphones, hit play on that podcast that brings you joy, and get those steps in. These boots will make cold puddles and slush a non-problem. 


Water-Resistant Canvas Boots

2 colors available


For that super soggy day when your errands just can’t wait:

I’m not sure if Mother Nature has it out for me or if (more likely) I’m just a poor planner, but whenever I find myself having to run an errand right now, I can almost guarantee that it’ll be pouring rain or blizzarding, and there is no in between. For those days when you need to be out and about and are at the mercy of your local weather, opt for a waterproof shoe like these waterproof rain boots. I absolutely love that these will keep my feet dry but aren’t super clunky or heavy and that they have ultra-grooved outsoles that’ll save me from the otherwise inevitable slip-and-fall on a patch of black ice while running for the bus. 


For the casual date night out:

For the still-cold-but-dry date nights where you’ll experience minimal walking outdoors, these Leather Sneakers will be an absolute hit. A sneaker that has our fashion editor’s seal of approval and a high enough platform to keep my insoles far away from sidewalk moisture? Sign me up.



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This post is sponsored by Seavees, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.


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