7 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Outfits For Every Occasion

Feb. 14 comes with a lot of stressors—making plans with friends, waiting to see if the guy you’ve seen a few times is going to lock down your night—but your Valentine’s Day outfit shouldn’t be one of them.

It definitely is no ordinary day, and you probably want to take a step up from your average Saturday night go-tos—even if you’re just having a movie night with your friends. But then another question arises: How do you look festive without simultaneously looking cheesy?

With touches of pink and red and a tasteful heart here and there, we’ve styled outfits for every possible Valentine’s Day scenario, from a movie night with your friends to a nerve-racking date with someone new (good luck!). Spend time stressing about how much chocolate you’re going to eat, not scrambling to find a last-minute look.


1. For your Galentine’s wine night

Perhaps the most coveted of the Valentine’s plans, a night with your friends and a bottle (or 10) of wine calls for something cozy and chic—a step up from the ordinary sweatshirt and leggings. Bonus: a festive heart sock moment to show off your attention to detail.

sweatersweater (plus-size) | hair clipssweatssweats (plus-size) | slipperssocks


2. For your Galentine’s out on the town

If you’re heading out for dinner or drinks with your friends, a simple, sexy outfit is your best bet. A subtle, off-the-shoulder shirt and leather pants look feels romantic and festive without being decked out in pink or red.

toptop (plus-size) | bag | leather pants | leather pants (plus-size) | heels


3. For a casual date night

When your date is casual enough for jeans, it’s a cause for celebration. A classic, sexy blouse, pearl details, and heart earrings feel festive without bordering on overdressed for a casual date.

toptop (plus-size) | earringsjeansjeans (plus-size) | bagloafers


4. For a date with someone new

If you’ve got the first-date jitters on Valentine’s Day, godspeed to you—cut your losses (and eliminate nerves) by giving yourself the gift of throwing on a foolproof, one-and-done blazer dress, black booties, and fun accessories, and treat yourself to a pour of red before you head out the door.

dressdress (plus-size) | hoops | bagbooties


5. For a fancy date night

A fancy date on Valentine’s Day deserves to be treated as an occasion, and a satin wrap dress in a romantic, pink hue fits the bill. Top it off with nude heels, a perfect going out bag, and subtly festive accessories.

dressdress (plus-size) | short dressearrings | bag | heels


6. For a date with yourself

If you’re your date for the night, it doesn’t mean you should succumb to jeans and a tee—you should feel just as good (or honestly better) as if you were on a date with anyone else. Impress yourself with something you wouldn’t wear any old day and have yourself the best date you can remember.

topbagblazer | blazer (plus-size) | jeansjeans (plus-size) | booties


7. For a night in with yourself

Whether your night alone is going to be spent binging Euphoria or with your vibrator, you deserve to feel a little festive, and nothing will do that more than a cozy matching set that can become one with you and your couch.

tank | pantspants (plus-size) | sweatshirtcandleslippers




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