10 Pick-Me-Ups That Will Make Your Busiest Days More Tolerable

We’ve all had them and know them well: those days where you need to wake up, put your game face on, and hunker down because your to-do list is a mile long.

During the days where you’re just trying to get through, it can be hard to remember to take a moment for yourself amongst the chaos—but sometimes, that can make all the difference. Little pick-me-ups can turn a busy day completely around and help you conquer your tasks with a bit more ease.

During our busiest days, these are the pick-me-ups our team swears by to help give us a little morale boost and get through the day feeling happy—not like we just survived it.



Mindful Mineral Soak

The key to getting through a busy day? Taking a few minutes to unplug and regroup. When you feel like you have a thousand things to do, taking the time to clear your mind and take a breath is essential. Our favorite way to do it? A bath with Equilibria’s Mindful Mineral Soak. With over 30 minerals and 200mg of full-spectrum CBD, it helps nourish your skin and make a bath a completely spa-worthy experience—which is a perfect way to catch your breath and take a moment for yourself on even your busiest of days.

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Mug Warmer

It’s hard to drink a full cup of coffee on a regular day, let alone a day where you have a million things to do. Cut down on trips to the microwave with a mug warmer that can live on your desk and keep your coffee drinkable all day.


Wellness Journal

Take a moment for yourself with this wellness journal, which helps set intentions, stay grateful, and end your day with a fresh, optimistic mindset.


Blue-Light Glasses

Staring at a computer all day isn’t ideal, especially on a day where you’re ultra-busy. Keep your eyes in tip-top shape with a pair of blue-light glasses you won’t want to take off.


Wireless Keyboard

Having a desk setup that you love and maximizes productivity is something you shouldn’t skimp out on. This wireless keyboard will help turn your laptop into a work space you love and are excited to work from.


Acrylic Laptop Stand

This laptop stand will help reduce clutter on your desk and eliminate strain on your neck from looking at your computer all day—and it does it in style.

The Chai Box

Chai Concentrate

Crafted in small batches in Atlanta, this chai concentrate contains four to five glasses of delicious chai that you’ll look forward to drinking all day. Just mix it with your favorite milk for an afternoon pick-me-up that tastes like you just ran to your nearest coffee shop and grabbed it.


Essential Oil Diffuser

This beautiful ceramic essential oil diffuser will give your space a soft, essential-oil infused stream. When you’re stressed, pop in lavender or frankincense for calming effects that you’ll enjoy all day.

Etsy | Bliss Collections

Daily Planner

Reduce your stress levels by taking the time to write out your daily to-do list so you can prioritize which tasks you’ll tackle first to make your day a little bit easier.


64 oz. Water Bottle

Don’t let being busy stop you from staying hydrated. This 64-oz. water bottle will remind you to drink your water between your Zoom meetings and to-do list tasks.

This post is sponsored by Equilibria, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

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