18 Holiday Nail Ideas That Aren’t Red

The holiday season means you pull out all the stops when it comes to fashion and beauty. Sequins, faux fur, velvet, gemstones, ruffles, and more adorn all of our clothes this season, and our beauty routines switch from tinted moisturizer and lip balm to red lips and winged eyeliner. However, every year, we tend to forget about our nails, so we pick the brightest, most Christmas-y red we can find and stick with it all season long. Not this year, though! Holiday nail ideas are getting a major upgrade. 

We’re giving you 18 new ideas to change up your holiday manicures, from rich tones like greens and deep reds to glitter and metallic to the trends like chrome, holographic, and nail art. These will take you from the nights of Hanukkah to the work holiday party to your New Year’s Eve celebration. Compliments will abound with these picks:


1. Olive Green


2. Chocolate Brown


3. Glitter


4. Emerald Green


5. Gold


6. Burgundy


7. Winter White


8. Charcoal


9. Holographic


10. Red Glitter


11. Nail Art


12. Confetti 


13. Baby Blue



14. Silver

Deborah Lippmann

Nail Polish in Wow



15. Copper 


16. Cream 


17. Rose Gold 


18. Navy


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