Target Is a Holiday Oasis—Here Are the Pieces I’m Eyeing for My Home

Two weeks ago, I defied the odds and did the unimaginable. I walked into Target for an immersion blender in an effort to make some hearty tomato soup and—believe it or not—I walked out with one immersion blender. No wandering down the beauty aisle and picking up yet another Essie nail polish, no perusing the throw blanket section to swap out the perfectly fine ones I already have, and no going completely off the rails and adding another pair of faux fur slippers just because. Does that make me better than everyone else? Thank you for asking. Yes, it does.

Unfortunately for me, my bragging rights lasted a mere week before I returned to Target for shampoo and laid eyes on a budding holiday section. All hope that I gained from my singular in-and-out Target experience flew out the window as I added two festive throw pillows to my cart and ripped the “should I start decorating for the holidays?” Band-Aid right off. And if you think I won’t go back in two days for another ornament only to fall into the same fate, you’re sadly mistaken. Target is a holiday oasis right now—here are the items I’m eyeing for my apartment.

Source: Target

Threshold X Studio McGee

Large Spruce Wreath

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

Cedar Wreath with Bells

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

Faux Mistletoe Wreath

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

4pc Mini Winterberry Wreath Set

Threshold x Studio McGee

Wire Wreath with Ribbon

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

Berries & Pinecones Garland

Threshold X Studio McGee

Pine and Eucalyptus Garland

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

Snowberries Garland

Source: Target

Source: Target

Source: Target

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