Loloi Just Dropped a Budget-Friendly Rug Collection With Amber Interiors—and We’re OBSESSED

If you were struggling to find the perfect vintage rug for your home, look no further. Amber Lewis, an interior designer, partnered with Loloi to create the most perfect collection of affordable, quality rugs

We love the diverse color palette of these collections (did we mention there’s four?!) from darker reds and browns to some beachy shades. Amber Lewis and Loloi definitely hit it out of the park with this collab and we couldn’t be more obsessed. Drop whatever you’re doing and take a minute to scroll through these gorgeous collections and find the one that’s been missing from your home.


The Ojai Collection

Finding the perfect neutral rug is a challenge—one that the Amber Interiors x Loloi Ojai collection solves. Coming in two shades (a warm and cool tone to seamlessly match your other decor), the Ojai is the perfect understated rug to complete a room. Available in nine sizes.


The Zuma Collection

If your beachy-inspired interior has been missing the perfect rug, your search ends with the Zuma collection. Featuring a light, airy palette of blues, greys, and ivory, this collection will bring a coastal vibe to your space—wherever it is. The Zuma collection is available in 10+ sizes. 


The Billie Collection 

These vintage-inspired rugs are a must-have, especially for the relatively low price. Each rug is available in 10+ sizes—which means “I don’t have the room” can’t be used as an excuse not to add one to your home. 


The Georgie Collection

With slightly saturated colors and vintage looks, the rugs from the Georgie collection are guaranteed to add character to your home. Rugs like these are typically way out of budget, so if you’ve been itching to add a stunning vintage rug to your home (minus the price tag) these are for you. Like the Billie collection, they’re all available in 10+ sizes.


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