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Author Sudipta Mukherjee’s latest book, ‘The Space Between Us’ is a must read.

By Aryeman Raj

A writer by passion, a traveler by fascination and a loner by choice, author Sudipta Mukherjee has been an inspiration to many with her prolific writing. She has that innate power to strike conversations with her books, provoke your sensibilities to think differently – in short to get your mind ticking.

Here’s some more dope about Sudipta’s latest novel.

The interview:

What prompted you to write this particular story, The Space Between Us?

I always wanted to write a story about an asexual relationship between a man and a prostitute. The colors, the nuances, the tempo, the emotions, the love, if any, I mean everything that coalesces to form what we call, a relationship. What happens? What is the future of such a relationship? Or for that matter, is there a future possible? If not sex, then what drives a man towards a prostitute? And how does the prostitute respond to such kind of relationship? To that kind of a man?

At one level, The Space Between Us is a story about two such people, locked in an impossible relationship. And at another level, it is a story of four estranged siblings, who lose track of one another but never practically stop thinking about them. What happens to them? Do they meet? And if they do, what reasons do they give to one another for their oblivion? What reasons they give to themselves for the things they could do, and yet had not done? Are they reunited? Are they forgiven, and freshly loved?

All your characters are essentially flawed, if I understand The Space Between Us correctly. Is there any particular reason? I mean why would you create characters that has flaws in them? Why not a superman or superwoman story?

Is there really such a thing, superman or superwoman? And even if there is one, it is only in collective human imagination; and miles away from the truth. Human beings by default are flawed. That’s an essential human nature. Have you ever come across a person who is flawless? Well, I cannot say that I have. As an author, I feel, a character loses his/her human flavor, if it is too perfect. Flaws make a character, any character believable, humanly. All my characters are humans and hence, flawed. They are all imperfect in one way or the other. And they live with their respective imperfections the way you and I do. 

In your journey as an author, what challenges have you faced so far?

My journey as an author is a fulfilling one. Writing gives me a kind of pleasure that few other things can. It also gives me a sense of purpose, a direction to move, or look forward to. Every story or novel that I write, or have written so far, the writing part of it was not too challenging.

Stories come to me naturally. The process of creation is entirely organic. I write stories the way I am writing this interview. Thoughts and words are formed naturally. Thankfully I don’t have to struggle too hard. But yes, publishing a book, that’s undoubtedly a challenge in the current scenario.

You can buy the book on Amazon – https://amzn.to/38lmWDq

Being an author, what is your vision to success?

Success is the journey that matters to me, more than the destination. All the little learnings that are added to my kitty, the pristine joy I had felt, when I held the author copy in my hand for the first time, realizing the breathtaking fact that each of my thoughts have wonderfully transformed themselves into a beautiful book encasing a lovely story.

My latest book is a story that, I am sure, readers would remember for a really long time. And if my story makes you cry, well, that’s another kind of success, I would be more than happy to embrace.

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