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Dr. Bu Abdullah walks the Red Carpet at Cannes

Dr. Bu Abdullah, the famed entrepreneur and an altruist who has a great penchant for entertainment, was invited to grace the 74th Cannes film festival. He walked the red carpet with the famous model and influencer of france Angela Donava. Dr. Bu Abdullah a crucial figure not only in the Gulf region but internationally as well is the first Emirati to walk the red carpet in the traditional Emirati dress (Kandura).

Clinging to this appreciable conduct, Dr. Bu Abdullah particularly takes time off from his packed schedule to give a bombshell visit to various superstars. Owing to his expertise and excellence in various fields he was also invited as the guest of honour along with CEO Forbes France at the “I Success International Awards”, organized by Forbes.

At the event Dr. Bu Abdullah along with the renowned French Visual Artist Laurence Jenkall awarded the famous singer of France Chico Bouchiki also known as “Gypsy king”. Forbes is the principal sponsor of Cannes film festival and it was a great experience for him to be present at the event.

Dr. Bu Abdullah had a meet-and-greet with various influential and prominent personalities at the extravagant Forbes party. The event was graced by figures from various fields like the Hollywood actor Vincent De Paul, Billionaire Dominique Dessiegne, Minister of sports Bernard Laporte, 3 times Guinness world record holder Cedric Biscay, well known french actress Myriem Charleins, Cyril Benzaquen (5 times kickboxing world champion), actress Farhana Bodi and Miss England Angelina kali.

Due to this overwhelming persona, he has been invited to grace umpteenth fashion and award events in the past as well. Being a philanthropist always at the disposal of the needy he has won many hearts around the globe and continues to do so.

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