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Armaan Malik launches merchandise on 26th birthday

Mumbai, July 22 (IANS) Musician Armaan Malik turned 26 on Thursday and to celebrate it he launched his merchandise for his fans. The singer says the first official ‘AM’ merchandise line was born out of desire to enable more of a personal and relatable connection with his fans.

Armaan, who has crooned numbers such as “Buddhu sa mann”, “Wajah tum ho” and “Sab tera”, said: “I have always believed that relationships are a two-way street – even when it comes to my fans. I like to sing for them, with them, rather than at them. It’s their energy and zeal that pumps me at shows and hypes me up on socials – to strive and be a better version of myself, daily.”

“The first official ‘AM’ merch line was born out of this desire – to enable more of a personal, relatable connection with my fans in a tangible form that they could hold on to and bask in the glory of cherishing moments we won and lost together. The design and aesthetic have been carefully picked to capture the casual, comfortable, free-flowing rapport we share,” he added.

His merchandise consists of a series of graphic T-shirts, sweatshirts and masks.

Armaan added: “It’s a passion project that I have been working on persistently with my team to bring alive just the right vibe that binds us together. I’m so grateful that it’s finally out there for you to see, hold and flaunt. This is my birthday gift to you. Thank you for everything.”



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