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Riteish Deshmukh to do cameo in Bengali film

Rituparna Sengupta will be seen sharing screen space with Riteish Deshmukh, who will be making a special appearance in “Antardrishti”. The Bengali actress praised the actor and said it was very gracious of him to do a cameo in a Bangla film.

Riteish will be seen in a cameo role as Rituparna’s boss who is the main protagonist of the film, a remake of a Spanish thriller “Julia’s Eyes”.

Rituparna said: “It’s an interesting character to play who has many complex layers and it becomes more amazing when you get to work with talented actors. I have briefly worked with Riteish in David Dhawan’s film ‘Do Knot Disturb’ and it was a great experience then and now as well. He is very talented and a humble person to work with and it was very gracious of him to do a cameo in Bengali.”

“Antardrishti” is directed by cinematographer-director Kabir Lal. The film is shot 90 per cent in Dehradun while rest will be shot in Mumbai.

Riteish says he loves the heritage of Bengali cinema.


“It was an incredible experience every time I worked with Rituparna and Kabir. I love the heritage of Bengali films and would love to do one sometime if I get a proper script”, he said.

The film is based on the story of a blind girl and how the events in her life turn into an investigation saga.

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