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Skylightz Gaming to invest $150k in Indian esports talents

New Delhi, July 20 (IANS) With the aim to boost the Indian gaming industry, Singapore-based gaming and esports corporation Skylightz Gaming on Tuesday announced that it is planning to invest $150,000 in Indian esports talents by the financial year 2022.

The capital invested by Skylightz Gaming will be used in equipping Indian players with updated devices, boot camps and studios for post-production purposes and practices.

“We at Skylightz Gaming, believe that India, in the realm of gaming and esports, is a goldmine of talent and potential within the country — just waiting to be discovered. We are certain that Indian gaming talents will soon take the gaming industry to its next level,” Andy Ng, CEO, Skylightz Gaming, said in a statement.

“By virtue of accessibility, in terms of smartphones (gaming based), affordable internet and most importantly a large number of young gamers, India has the strength to become a global gaming model in the coming times,” Ng added.

Providing dedicated professionals such as coaches, analysts and managers for each team, is what the organisation is committed to, the statement reads.

Besides, they are looking forward to assimilating a team of energetic gaming professionals, who will be trained to compete in magnanimous world gaming tournaments, it added.

For starters, Skylightz Gaming has formalised an association with renowned esports player Harpreet Singh Janjuha (Ronak). Ronak will now represent the Indian Gaming Industry, as well as the gaming company’s impact in India, on a global level.

Alongside Ronak, the gaming company boasts of incredible Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) professionals such as Pukar, Galma Boy and Saum Raj who are an equal part of the Skylightz Gaming family.



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