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Sriram Venu: ‘Vakeel Saab’ wouldn’t have been possible without Pawan Kalyan

Hyderabad, July 18 (IANS) Filmmaker Sriram Venu’s directorial “Vakeel Saab” gave the much needed entertainment to movie buffs earlier this year. He feels that the film was possible because of Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan’s impeccable acting.

The film, which is the Telugu remake of Hindi film “Pink”, also starred actresses Nivetha Thomas, Anjali and Ananya Nagalla in leading roles and Prakash Raj in pivotal role.

The world television premiere of the film was presented on Zee Telugu this Sunday, Sriram tells IANS: “‘Vakeel Saab’ without Pawan Kalyan would not have been possible. Thanks to him we made a story that needed to be told. I’m glad it’s coming directly to viewers’ homes. I hope everyone watches it and celebrates ‘Vakeel Saab’ all over again!”

The film addressed the issue of consent and slut shaming existing in the society.

Nivetha feels that such issues need to be addressed.

“While movies are made to entertain the audience, they are also looked at as a tool to address prevalent issues in society. ‘Vakeel Saab’ is a movie that was made with the latter intention in mind. As the movie is set for its world television premiere this Sunday, I hope those who haven’t been able to watch in cinemas, do watch the film with your family,” she says.



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