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Minissha Lamba holidays with beau Akash Malik

Actress Minissha Lamba and her beau Akash Malik are enjoying a getaway in Goa. She says getting together with Malik was an organic process. Talking about the man in her life, Minissha said: “We met at an event and became friends. That began to grow and it was always fun and laughter from both ends every time we met. The pandemic has taught us the importance of being in the moment and living to the fullest. Us getting together also was a very organic natural process.”

Thanks to the pandemic, Minissha said the value of even a day of happiness is not lost on her now.

“We couldn’t travel for the longest due to the travel restrictions and since it has eased a bit now, we thought to make the best of it and Goa is a great place to be. The value of even a day of happiness is not lost on me now,” she said.

The actress urged everyone to get vaccinated and follow Covid-19 protocols. “Let’s stay within protocols and get vaccinated. We have seen the worst and it’s time to prepare for anything that’s coming.”

Last month, Minissha launched her own application that focuses on providing her fans a scope to engage directly with her via chats and video calls.

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