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Manjot Singh: Joined social media because of peer pressure

Mumbai, July 17 (IANS) Actor Manjot Singh, who is geared up for the release of his upcoming web show “Chutzpah”, has revealed that he joined social media because of peer pressure.

“I guess I was a little late when I joined (social media). Once you get a hang of it, you start having that urge to get your account verified and make sure there is an increase in followers,” he said.

“So, that’s the pressure. The challenge is to maintain it and ensure that followers keep increasing. But now, honestly, I don’t think about it a lot,” he added.

“Chutzpah” talks about the world of the internet, social media, dating apps and long-distance relationships and its influence on youth.

Talking about the pros and cons of social media, Manjot said: “A few years ago, some fake news had appeared about me that I cut my hair. Being a Sardar, when I read this, I was shocked thinking that how can someone write something so personal without even knowing. Later, I realised these are pros and cons of social media. Even if you are right, you won’t be able to convince people on social media that you are right.”

“Chutzpah” also stars Varun Sharma, Gautam Mehra, Tanya Maniktala, Elnaaz Norouzi and Kshitij Chauhan. It will premiere on SonyLIV from July 23.



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