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Neena Gupta on Surekha Sikri: I wished to be an actress like her in my younger days

Mumbai, July 16 (IANS) Actress Neena Gupta grieves the loss of her “Badhaai Ho” co-actor Surekha Sikri, who passed away on Friday after suffering a cardiac arrest at the age of 75.

The actress took to social media sharing a video clip reminiscing about learning from Sikri during her National School of Drama days as well as on the set of “Badhaai Ho”.

Mourning the loss, Neena said in the video on her Instagram page: “I received the sad news of Surekha Sikri’s demise this morning. I thought of sharing my grief with you. She was my senior at National School of Drama, in the Repertory Company. We used to secretly watch her performances and I learned so much from her. I wished to become an actress like her someday. That was many, many years ago.”

In “Badhaai Ho”, Surekha played Neena’s mother-in-law. The actress stated actors like Surekha are rare to find.

“Finally, when we worked together in ‘Badhaai Ho’, I used to watch her when she used to do her scenes. I learned so much from her and so much was left to learn. What commitment she had towards her work even at that age!” Neena said.

Recalling her experience of working with Surekha on “Badhaai Ho”, Neena added: “There was a scene with both of us together in the film, where she scolds my husband and his folks. She had to give a cue to me for my shots. She was asked to give a normal cue as she was behind the camera. But, be it 10 takes, she gave the cue with the same gusto with which she performed in front of the camera. There are very few people like her. I feel so sad she is no more. It’s very sad,” said Neena.



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