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Pragya Jaiswal happy to back in ‘second home’ Hyderabad

Hyderabad, July 12 (IANS) Actress Pragya Jaiswal is back on sets to shoot for her Telugu film “Akhanda” here. The actress is thrilled to be back in the city she calls her second home.

“It feels amazing to be back in Hyderabad because it is definitely one of the cities that are close to my heart. It’s almost like a second home to me and I was really missing the city over the last two months. The weather right now in Hyderabad is pleasant, so it’s amazing to shoot,” Pragya tells IANS.

“Last time I was here, it was in April and it was super hot. I was craving Biryani two days ago, so I am really happy that it is finally happening. The most important thing for me, which is associated with Hyderabad is the warmth of the people. Whenever I am here, I feel I am showered with affection and I was really missing all of that. So, I am really happy to be back to my team and crew,” she adds.

The actress is happy to work again and meet her team. “Akhanda” stars Balakrishna in the lead role and is directed by Boyapati Srinu.

“It feels absolutely amazing to be back on the set post lockdown. The second wave was way more intense and at that point it seemed way too important to take care of ourselves and stay at home. But after a point it was really caging but now I am finally surrounded by so many people who are positive, inspiring with what they do and especially this crew has almost become like a family now. I was really missing the shoot and I am very happy,” she says.



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