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Taapsee Pannu fears Sujoy Ghosh will get inspired!

Taapsee Pannu fears Sujoy Ghosh will get inspired!

Actress Taapsee Pannu, who loves binge-reading books penned by Dinesh Pandit, has got Sujoy Ghosh hooked to the author’s stories. She now hopes the filmmaker doesnt get inspired by the thriller.

Taapsee posted a picture on her Instagram story on Thursday. In the picture, Ghosh is seen reading the Hindi book “Dakaiti 60 Lakh Ki”.

She wrote: “I hope he doesn’t get inspired by this thriller now! #DineshPandit.”

Ghosh too shared his reaction after reading the book on Twitter.

He said: “Yo @taapsee… yeh kya bhayanak kitaab hai yaar!!! heart palpitating!”

Taapsee on Wednesday was seen reading Pandit’s books such as “Dakaiti 60 Lakh Ki”, “Hawas Ka Aatank” and “Pyaar Ka Aatank”.

Taapsee shared a few posts with captions that read: “This turned out to be the quickest I’ve finished a book. “अगर प्यार करने के लिये इजाज़त लेनी पड़ती तो कितने मजनुओं की मोहब्बत छिन जाती। इजाज़त सरकारी दफ़्तर माँगते हैं, आशिक़ों के दिल नहीं। “ – दिनेश पंडित”


another read, “And this one was crazier ! “चोरी तो चंद रुपयों की होती है, दिल की तो डकैती की जाती है “ – दिनेश पंडित”


Yet another read, “I’m kind of getting a hang of his writing style now ….. ये इश्क़ भी बड़ा नापाक है , आज साथ तो कल ख़िलाफ़ है- दिनेश पंडित I think I will start using his lines more often now!”


The actress will next be seen in “Haseen Dillruba”, which is pitched as a mystery thriller.

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