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Lauren Gottlieb: Digital creation is fun explorative, challenging

Mumbai, June 8 (IANS) Dancer and actress Lauren Gottlieb has been keeping her fans entertained with her social media content. She finds creating digital content explorative, fun and challenging.

“Digital creation is super fun, explorative and challenging because you end up wearing lots of hats. Coming up with concepts, casting, producing, choreography, set and costume design, editing — the list can be endless,” she tells IANS.

“These are all parts of the filmmaking process that I love. Through creating digital content, I am becoming a better director, producer, and choreographer,” the actress added.

Among Lauren’s several collaborations, the leading ones include the Madhuri Dixit-Nene tribute with choreographer Joya Nandy Kazi, her “Kamariya Lachke Re” reel with digital creator Ruhee Dosani, and those with King Bach, Matt Steffanina, Phillip Chbeeb, Montana Tucker, Crissa Jackson, Tanishq Joshi and Yai Ariza.

Lauren added: “Being able to collaborate with established as well as new artistes in Bollywood and Hollywood has been creatively fulfilling,” she signed off.



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