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Himani Shivpuri: Always great to be back on set

Mumbai, June 8 (IANS) Veteran actress Himani Shivpuri, currently seen as Katori Amma in the sitcom “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan”, is delighted to resume shooting after one and a half months. The show is currently being shot in Gujarat.

“It’s always great to be back on set. The set of ‘Happu…’ is always a family away from family. The shooting arrangements are extremely comfortable, we have been staying in a five-star hotel. The bio-bubble system is strictly being monitored and everything is available inside the hotel. The greenery outside and the Tapi river definitely gave us a great working atmosphere,” Himani told IANS.

Her character of Katori Amma is very special to the actress. “Initially I was not keen on doing a daily soap but when I took up the role, I got to know the different layers of the role. The creative team of the show is doing a great job. Amma is a mother, a mother-in-law, a wife and grandmother — so many shades. At times I have been given various looks, which is a great feeling for an artiste,” she said.

On Covid, she added: “The situation is scary but all we can do is follow the guidelines and trying to be as normal as possible.”

Himani, who has a career span of 37 years and has been part of innumerable hit Bollywood films, thinks that nothing is permanent. “Name, fame and money — nothing is permanent. Make the most of it today. Especially in this Covid time, life is very unpredictable. So, celebrate every day,” said the seasoned actress.



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