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Nikhil Malik was afraid parents won’t support his acting dream

Mumbai, June 6 (IANS) Actor Nikhil Malik, who rose to fame after his recent stint in reality show “Splitsvilla 13”, says that acting was on his mind from child but he was hesitant in telling his parents about it.

While the show is still on air, Nikhil has wrapped up for the shoot.

“During my childhood, I had participated in beauty pageants but the one thing I was sure about was that ultimately I wanted to become an actor. I was scared that my parents won’t support me but they have been my backbone. Now, acting is what I eat, breathe and sleep, ” the actor tells IANS.

Nikhil, who hails from Delhi, shifted to Mumbai to pursue his acting and modelling career but faced a major set back in the initial days.

He joined an acting school but felt he didn’t learn anything there and had to leave it.

“I was new in the city and this happened to me. I cried a lot because I felt that my money got wasted and where will I go,” he shares.

Talking about his “Splitsvilla 13” experience, Nikhil says;: “It was so good. The show brought back the fighting spirit in me. It also gave me fame. Even on social media many started following me. But yes I have much more to achieve.”

Nikhil’s career goal is to do different characters on TV, web and films. And he is working towards his path dedicatedly.

Many feel good looks are important to become successful in showbiz. But, Nikhil does not agree.

“Staying healthy, fit is good but I don’t think looks matter more than your craft and hard work. Ultimately, your skills and not your looks get you respected,” says the actor, who shares that his mother is his inspiration and he wants to play a role like that of Iron Man.



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