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Abhishek Banerjee: I am not my wife’s favourite actor

By Anjuri Nayar Singh

Mumbai, June 6 (IANS) Actor Abhishek Banerjee says his wife Tina Noronha’s joy knew no bounds when he was roped in for the film “Bhediya”.

But that’s because she would get to meet the film’s hero, Varun Dhawan.

“I am not her favourite actor. She has others who are her favourite actors. She is a huge fan of Varun Dhawan. When she got to know I was working with him, she was excited, not for me, but that she would get to see him,” he told IANS.

In fact, she was happy that the actor got to train with Varun for the film. “She told me, ‘Jo main 10 saal mein nai kar payi (what I wasn’t able to do in 10 years), Varun did in two months. She was happy that someone could motivate me towards fitness and I am enjoying living this healthy life thanks to Varun,” he says.

Talk shifts to his soaring career graph, and Abhishek says he is willing to work in any language as long as the work is fulfilling.

“For me, the content industry is a priority and it is not restricted only to Hindi language. I am comfortable in Hindi, Tamil and Bengali. I am aware of Malayalam and Telugu cinema. I will start shooting for a Telugu film soon. My priority has always been good stories, where they come from doesn’t matter. I have not signed a single OTT show since last year as nothing excited me,” he says.

He says he has never believed in repeating the same roles on screen.

“I don’t want to do shows which are trying to do something that has happened before. I want to do things that are original. When I was offered the hero’s friend’s roles. I didn’t do that since they were boring. They were shadow figures. In ‘Mirzapur’, my role was short but I have never seen any actor doing this role. I don’t want to do something that others have experienced greatness doing before,” he sums up.



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