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When Mrinal Dutt was the ‘guy with multiple speeding tickets’

When Mrinal Dutt was the 'guy with multiple speeding tickets'

Actor Mrinal Dutt says he earned the sobriquet “the guy with multiple speeding tickets” among the crew of “Khwabon Ke Parindey”, while the unit was shooting in Melbourne, Australia.

“We’d be in a convoy of cars and I drove a lot, and there were times I had to accelerate a little more so I could reach a place on time. Or, you could say I just got carried away with those beautiful roads! But this ended up in a way that I unfortunately got many speeding tickets. I never anticipated that my love for driving across gorgeous landscapes would actually make me famous on the set as ‘the guy who got multiple speeding tickets’!” Mrinal recalls.

The web show also features Asha Negi, Mansi Moghe and Tushar Sharma. Mrinal essays Dixit, a quiet, observant and charismatic college student.

“The energy on this schedule was really different and there was constant being on the road. The team was so young and enthusiastic that we all lived, shot and travelled just like a unit of friends. The average age on this series must have been 26 or 27. We shared a great bond,” he said.

“The schedule was so hectic that it demanded us to be on top of our game. After our first 20 days in Melbourne we were constantly travelling. We travelled to 12 to 13 different places one after another covering more than 2000 kilometres,” he added.

The six-episode series is directed by Tapasvi Mehta and will stream from June 14 on Voot.

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