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Suneeta Rao wouldn’t mind her songs being remade

New Delhi, June 4 (IANS) Singer Suneeta Rao, who gained instant popularity with the nineties pop hit “Paree hoon main”, wouldn’t mind her tracks are remade but has a condition.

She says if someone loves her songs enough to work on them, and puts some of their own magic into it, she is okay with a recreation.

“If someone decides to reinterpret my song it is up to them. Imitation is a form of flattery! I will decide once I hear it whether it is good or not,” she told IANS.

“Very often, an entire generation gets to hear a song only because it has been remixed, without ever hearing the original. This is all the more reason why it should keep the essence of the song and do justice to the original composition,” said Suneeta.

“I have conviction about my own songs. If someone loves my song enough to work on it and put some of their own magic into it, why not!” added the singer.

Suneeta says she is happy that more and more artistes are writing their songs and have the online platform to release their music on their own “without necessarily depending on a film or a record label”.

“I just hope they get more financial and promotional support from those who have the power to do so,” added the singer, who came out with a track titled “Vaada karo”, which is streaming on Hungama ArtistAloud



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