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Shaan says ‘Mit Jayengi Dooriyaan’, spreads UMMEED

Shaan says 'Mit Jayengi Dooriyaan', spreads UMMEED

No one can deny the fact that music has the power to heal! It has the power to unite and to lift people out of the lowest lows in life. The sudden, unexpected and unprecedented second wave of COVID has hit us all with a vengeance that has no parallel in living memory. In such times your health, happiness and the safety of your loved ones are the pillars on which your beautiful world stands.

With that in mind, JK White Cement’s latest initiative #MitJayengiDooriyaan dedicates a musical tribute to the indomitable spirit of humanity with UMMEED – a song of hope, sung by the superstar singer Shaan. The soulful, melodious song with deeply inspiring lyrics comes to you through a video wherein the JK Cement family, in chorus with Shaan, encourages you to join them in invoking the spirit of hope and solidarity.

‘Ayegi phir se subah
Dhal jayengi aandhiyan
Gayega phir se jahan,
Mit jayengi dooriyaan…’

UMMEED is an effort to uplift spirits and spread the message to stay strong and keep hope alive that tomorrow will be a brighter day. It builds on the belief that we will together overcome this pandemic and #MitJayengiDooriyaan. The decision to collaborate with Shaan was a natural one. His powerful and melodious voice has seamlessly delivered the compassion and uplifting feeling that the composition was intended to elicit.

In the launch of this campaign, Shaan, Bollywood playback singer and composer says, “This initiative by JK White Cement is very close to my heart as it has given me an opportunity to do my bit in spreading smiles during these tough times. Families have been separated, people have been struggling with depression and the pandemic has altered our way of living. UMMEED is a song that gives people hope that things will get better and we will reunite with families, friends, colleagues and get back to normalcy very soon. The music and lyrics are very moving and appropriate to the circumstances of today. This instantly touched a chord with me. It has been an extremely fulfilling experience collaborating on this project.”

#MitJayengiDooriyaan has already struck a chord with audiences and has received an overwhelming response garnering a reach of over 10 million on all social media platforms. The hashtag is on Twitter’s top 3 trending list in India, and UMMEED, a song with a purpose, is being appreciated by people from different walks of life – be it the youth, medical fraternity, musicians or anyone who’s looking for hope and a reason to smile.

Speaking on the success of this campaign, Mr. Niranjan Mishra, Business Head, JK White Cement said, “Through this initiative, our aim is to spread positivity and solidarity in these tough times. Music was the natural medium of choice to deliver the message of hope and uplifting spirits. I’m happy to see that people are organically sharing ‘Ummeed’ – this beautiful composition, with their loved ones, to uplift them and to reassure them that #MitJayengiDooriyaan!”

JK Cement has been working continuously towards providing help and support to the society during the pandemic, by donating essential medical requirements like Oxygen concentrators, masks, sanitizers and BIPAP machines. Apart from these initiatives, JK Cement has kept the safety and well-being of its employees at the helm and has organized vaccination camps for them.

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