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Vidyut Jammwal: Sexual health should be talked about openly to eradicate taboo

Mumbai, June 1 (IANS) Bollywood action star and martial artist Vidyut Jammwal took to Instagram on Tuesday to highlight the necessity to openly talk about sexual health in order to eradicate taboo surrounding the same.

The actor also shared a set of workouts on his YouTube channel, which he says will help rejuvenate blood flow and bring sexual energy back in the pelvic region.

“It’s time we braved into the discussion about sexual health and Erectile Dysfunction. One in ten men can suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Here’s KalariSutra, a set of 19 exercises which if practised daily will help in rejuvenating your blood flow and bring sexual energy back into the pelvic region,” Vidyut wrote in his post.

“Sexual health is a salient part of overall wellness and it should be talked about more openly so as to eradicate the taboo. Cheers to living a well-rounded life,” he added.

The actor also informed in his post that the complete set of the workout video is available on his YouTube channel.



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