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Jay Rana and Skopos’ EP ‘Magic & Pasta’ aims at catering to diverse moods (LD)

Mumbai, May 4 (IANS) Music producers Jay Rana And Skopos have come out with their new EP, “Magic & Pasta”, featuring Akanksha Sethi, Mayank Mittal and Vinod Arora.

Talking about the thought process behind the creation, Jay said he wanted to make sure there was something for everyone in the EP.

“‘Magic & Pasta’ being the first EP of my musical career, I wanted to make sure I give it my all. Skopos and I worked on this for a long time to make sure everything just sits right. The idea was to make a song for everyone, it’s like a buffet of songs. Having started a new venture as Jay Rana, I wanted to make sure I deliver slow, melodic and groovy songs catering to a diversity of moods,” he said.

Skopos added: “The idea was to create something that sounded fresh with inspiration from my roots, which is classic rock and jazz. Musically, this was something out of the box for me since it was the first time I was getting into experimentation. Various elements inspired from different genres led me to come up with this Fusion EP with some powerful elements that will inspire you and make you groove.”



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