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Sonnalli Seygall to spend birthday at Kalimpong bootcamp

Mumbai, April 28 (IANS) Actress Sonnalli Seygall will spend her birthday on May 1 at a bootcamp in Kalimpong, a scenic small town in her home state of West Bengal.

Since all shooting has stopped owing to Covid lockdown, the actress had time to leave the city and has already reached her hometown.

“Given the current situation, my shoots got stalled and that left me with a lot of free time. So, I came to my home state West Bengal. There’s a small town here called Kalimpong. It’s very secluded and it has a beautiful weather,” said the actress, known for her role in “Pyaar Ka Punchnama”.

She feels that staying away from work for a while and close to the nature will help her rejuvenate.

“I’m working on my body and mind and trying to use this time constructively. So, this bootcamp seemed like a great activity,” says the actress.

Due to the pandemic, the actress has had a lot of time for herself and learning new things.

“I’ve been doing kickboxing, yoga and meditation. I’ve been going for some short but hectic treks. So, it’s helping me keep my mind and body healthy. I also plan to visit a couple of monasteries and chant with the monks. I plan to dedicate one chanting session for the world to get rid of the pandemic, ” she says.

Sonnalli recently revealed that she would be travelling to Haridwar soon, where she will shoot for the upcoming film, “Boondi Raita”.



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