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Amit Sadh: There is nothing like a flop

Mumbai, April 25 (IANS) Bollywood actor Amit Sadh says that there is always an audience for your film. The actor adds that a film is a culmination of team work and a good concept.

“Someone very important in my life taught me there is nothing like a flop. People will continue watching (the film) at some point in time. A film is a collective creative expression of the people involved, right from spot boy, technician, art directors, stylists, designers, actors, producers, directors, assistants and more. So with strong content, a film will need strong backing from all these people. If people resonate with the work, then good, else we have another time to come back with something worthwhile,” he told IANS.

As far as he is concerned, Amit says that he has never felt that he is a celebrity and has always focused on his work.

“I do not bucket work based on what platform the work is getting released on. I am still working, learning so many things on the go so I do not associate myself with the celebrity tag. I associate myself with the tag of an actor in Indian cinema,” he says.

The actor has been seen in films such as “Kai Po Che”, “Guddu Rangeela” as well as OTT projects such as “Breathe” and “7 Kadam”.



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