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Jaideep Ahlawat: Not much talk of sexuality, so there’s more to explore there

Jaideep Ahlawat feels there is not much talk about sex, gender, class and patriarchy in our society, which is why there is much to explore in these subjects fictionally.

All of the above subjects find a fascinating mix in Jaideep’s new project – the short feature “Majnu”, which is a part of the OTT anthology “Ajeeb Daastaans”. In the story, he plays Babloo, a heartland strongman in a loveless marriage with the daughter of a political bigwig and who, it eventually emerges, is gay.

“Any emotions can be said in so many ways. (While on) These topics (gender, class, patriarchy) or sexuality, we think we have become modern or there is a change in society. We love to think like that but it’s not,” said Jaideep.

He added, “We are 140 crore people. We are those people who stay in the metros and have the exposure. But there is a bigger population, which is from Babloo’s world. There is no talk about that there.”

“There is not much talk on these topics and that is why there is more to explore there,” he pointed out.

While such subjects are good to explore, the actor feels everything eventually depends on the script.

“Until and unless a story is not written well, no emotion will work. You have to write it right to reach the audience,” he said.

Talking about same-sex love being a hot topic among filmmakers right now, Jaideep said, “People talk about the things that are suppressed — emotions that are suppressed, individualities of people and their likings that are suppressed. (The idea) That people look according to their sexuality is stereotypical thinking.”

He shared that his character Babloo from Ajeeb Daastaans is different. “Babloo comes from society where legacy and male ego stays on the forefront. So, you wouldn’t be able to judge him on the basis of his look or the work he does, on what his take is on love. That is a most interesting thing I thought, a new thing for me. I see this in a very different light. I was lucky enough to play Babloo,” he said.

–By Durga Chakravarty

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