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Shooting in Telangana to continue with work force of 50 or less

Hyderabad, April 20 (IANS) As per new guidelines issued by the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday in the wake of growing Covid cases, film shooting will only be allowed to function with 50 people or less.

The new guidelines also state that owing to night curfew, shooting can only happen between 6am and 6pm, following strict safety protocol of wearing masks, sanitisation and adequate social distancing.

However, a final decision is yet to be taken on the functioning of theatres.

“In the meeting the decision to work with limited capacity is not given by the government, but the exhibitors and producers have decided it. While some theatre owners of multiplexes, who are not getting good footfall want to close, others are okay with whatever minimum revenue that comes. It hasn’t been decided yet,” Abhishek Nama, producer, distributor, distributor sector chairman, Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, told IANS.

“No big film is releasing now, anyway, since producers are worried about footfall. Even ‘Vakeel Saab’ footfall reduced from Monday,” he added.



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