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WOW Woman – Sebetina Reddy

By Aryeman

It’s the age of the Millennials and social media. Today’s generation has a mind of their own, they know their goals and pave the way to succeed with integrity and sheer grit.

WOW Woman Sebetina Reddy is a Communications professional with a diversified experience in Client Servicing and Media Relations. Her clients have ranged from Media & Entertainment, Lifestyle, Advertising &Marketing and more. What makes her a WOW Woman is the passion to succeed on her merit, to break the shackles and come up with innovative ideas that guarantee quicker success on the professional front.

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Over to Sebetina Reddy’s jewels of wisdom.

What do you consider the main achievements in your life?

Small successes reap big returns which get etched out as warm memories in your life. Forging ahead in the field of Public Relations without having a professional degree and carving a niche based on hard work and integrity is surely my achievement. For me, success means substance, having a stimulatingly positive impact at your work place and giving warm memories to my family.

I pride myself too on the fact that I started working while in college and funded my academic fees for completing my Graduation.

What qualities do Women need to imbibe within themselves to be more Empowered and successful in life?

My perception towards women empowerment was absolutely different until I met this incredible woman who started a platform for women. The program works on four broad topics – self-defence, financial, legal training and deep-conditioning. Being part of this venture, I realised and strongly believe that we women need to be responsible for our own rights.

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Woman today need to accept more responsibility if they yearn to be empowered. Creating your strong, individualistic identity is more important than sulking about being victims of life. To be successful, women need to forge their financial freedom quotient and box out the dependency on others to sustain themselves.

A one-line tagline would be – Take complete responsibility of yourself if you want to achieve freedom and redefine your life on your terms.

What drives you to be at the Top of your Game? What are your success strategies?

Well, it’s too early for me to answer this question. But yes, there are a lot of things that drive me to be at the Top of the Game. For us millennials, the workplace is not solely about work. It is a place for social interaction, sharing learnings and finding a purpose in our lives.

We are connected to both work and social lives at all hours, year-round that this is what keeps me going. Breaking the rules, ushering a newness and innovation – optimizing the usage of the social media revolution to create sensational project success has been my constant focus to be at the Top of the Game.


Have you dealt with failure? If so, how did you overcome it and resurge when all the chips were down?

I have not really dealt with a major failure in my life yet. I feel, the biggest problem with feeling like a failure is worst, it closes out all options in your mind. And once that happens, failure convinces you that there’s no way around your problems.

Never get stuck like your life has stopped – BOUNCE BACK. Create new healthier habits. If you’ve never had a stable relationship, banish the thoughts that you own nothing.

Stay positive, self-motivated that tomorrow is another beautiful challenge and you are going to win it. That’s the pep pill which keeps me positive and raring to forge ahead in life on a daily basis.

It is important for us to recognize the power of men in supporting women. Is there a man who has played an instrumental role in your personal growth and success?  Who are they and how did they influence you?

I have met and come across a few amazing and very supporting men in my life. However, I do not feel it is important either way, as we are responsible for our own growth and success. I think what more important is to have respect and support in what we feel gives each other a sense of achievement or shaping one’s own career.

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My father has always supported and respected my decisions in terms of choosing my career. He starting working at age of 15-16, lived his life very simple, paying bills on time, never discussing his worst day at work nor missing a day of work, a man who never complained about small things or big, who cheerily ate liver when it was served to him. My father has withstood the challenges and his serene smile makes me a stronger person.

Which 3 Indian women have inspired you in your life and why?

Every girl is inspired, nurtured and groomed by her mother. So true for me too. My mom is beautifully gracious, humble yet strong, fiercely emotional yet a woman of substance in her own right.

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She couldn’t complete her academics due to family responsibilities but that didn’t deter her passion for perfection, dedication and imparting love to her dear ones. My mother has always been a guide and a friend to me. Though it is impossible to keep a count of all the lessons she has taught me till now, she always tells my brother and me to be kind to everyone. My mom has been my greatest inspiration to spread smiles and ignore the negative virus in my life.

Other than my mother, there are a lot of women who continue inspiring me. Inspiration for me comes from small deeds from women I meet every day. Be it my friends, my maid or my colleagues. I get inspired by women who make things happen, change their lives, create a difference, change the society, speak for others, take risks, overcome challenges. A woman who stands up for other women is the most accomplished Empowered Woman.

Your mottos for Women Empowerment.

Make wise choice, accept responsibility with accountability, fear no one and plan your success journey with short-term goals.

Share your knowledge unconditionally and do your Karma, the path to success becomes smoother.

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