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WOW Woman – Tanya Satish

By #AryemanSaysSo

Great women achievers are innovative. They look at things differently, and they teach others to look at things differently. They’re also energetic, they can see the whole picture, they have great foresight, and they understand people and business. They’re people with ethics, integrity, and honesty—and they’re decision-makers.

Our WOW Woman is not just Special – she’s Savvy, Sorted and Super-successful. She’s risen through the ranks of every avenue she chose to venture into, her ideologies and success mantras are solitaires to imbibe. Introducing Tanya Satish – Entrepreneur, Environmentalist and Visionary!


A brief about Tanya Satish:

She started working with Times of India as a freelance travel, fashion and lifestyle journalist. Post that, she then joined hands with her mother Elsie Gabriel and got involved with the Young Environmentalist Programme Trust (an NGO her mother’s being running since the last 25 years). Tanya has represented India in New York at the United Nations conference on Environment.

At the age of 23, she launched her own start up called CREED ENTERTAINMENT a company with verticals including Marketing, Events, Public Relations, Fashion, Intellectual Property and CSR. Her aim and goal in life is to not only be an Empowered Woman Influencer for other young business women but also to share her experiences and hopefully teach the world to also be socially responsible.

The Interview: 

What do you consider the main achievements in your life?

The learnings as a child groom you and take you a long way to progress. My humble beginnings started while I was young. The prime learning for me is to believe in celebrating the small and big achievements of life. Who better than my dynamic Mom to instil this feeling into me.

Be it the day I won my first fancy dress completion in kindergarten to the first time I acted in an Oliver Twist play or my first article that got published in one of India’s leading publishing houses – all these events nurtured me into a fine individual. The icing on the cake was to be chosen as a Speaker at the United Nations and now fuelling the fire as a CEO of my own firm.

You were recently in the news too..


Oh yes, that was a dream come true. Sharing screen space and the stage with Bollywood Star Icon Amitabh Bachchan, Dr. Pranoy Roy of NDTV, Diya Mirza was a memory worth cherishing for a lifetime. This was pertaining to a campaign against plastic usage in our country.

You seem to be an inspiration for Millennials. What makes you keep forging ahead with great gusto every time?

For me, the inspirational achievement is that feeling to want to have that constant fire-in-the-belly. To get up every single day and recharge your batteries with more passion and hard-work.

What qualities do Women need to imbibe within themselves to be more Empowered and successful in life?

To sum it in two words – Confidence and intelligence. As Women today, we have to be confident in how we talk, walk, dress and portray our outlook. I believe families should enforce the gender equality in their children right from childhood.


WOW Women today are Goddesses of multi-tasking and we should proudly flaunt this title. Our quest for constant learning, innovation, taking any type of conversation forward and finding solutions to most problems in a jiffy is what enhances the fact that we are empowered from birth.

What drives you to be at the Top of your Game? What are your success strategies?

Every day I wake up and all I want to do is work. I belong to the 5 am club. Clarity is super-high pep pill, always on my priority list.

Being independent, successful and carving a niche is something I have always aspired as a kid. I never wanted to follow the herd, I saw myself as a torch-bearer and a trendsetter. Ensuring that my vision was practical, I have always ensured that I focussed on change-driven ideologies which could beautify the lives of people around us too.

Have you dealt with failure? If so, how did you overcome it and resurge when all the chips were down?

All of us have dealt with failure at some point of time. The progression here is to learn from the mistakes and solidify your future projects to perfection. The learning never stops and you can never be the I-know-it-all.

Failure gives you more strength to exceed your expectations and more power to be a consistent and successful performer. To achieve that, you need to be truthful to yourself to accept the fact that you made some mistakes rather than playing the blame-game. In a nutshell, failure leads to self-growth and each one must enjoy that phase of life too.


It is important for us to recognise the power of men in supporting women. Is there a man who has played an instrumental role in your personal growth and success? 

I believe we all have the same 24 hours. Be it a man or a woman, we should not discriminate at all as we have the power to change our life according to how we want.

Yes, there have been male role models in my life and they have been super influential in my life. I have male mentors like I have female mentors. In different aspects of my life I have been fortunate to have different mentors. Former Vice President of USA Al Gore is one of my Guru who trained me personally ((in climate change and environment) in Rio Brazil.

The men in your life who influenced you the most? 

From a young age, my father believed in me and gave me the exposure that shaped me into a young independent woman I am today. He taught me humour and strength management in times of doldrums. My grandfather taught me to survive like a lotus even if I faced a low patch in my life.

My mentor recognised my potential, trusted in me and had faith that I can be the best version of myself. It’s very difficult to find a mentor in this day and age and I feel blessed to find someone who has played a major role in my growth, may it be emotional, personal or professional.


Which 3 Indian women have inspired you in your life and why?

My grandmother – she taught be to be the Environmentalist I am today. Thanks to her, this keeps me not only grounded but also socially aware of the impact caused due to climate change. I learnt organic farming and recycling from her.

My Mother – she is a power packed personality, the biggest gift she’s given me was to travel the world which made me grow as a human being in so many ways. Understanding different cultures, cuisine, business, social and political views… teaching me how all humans are all connected to the web of life. Mom has always given me that exposure and also pushed me to jump on a plane every time I get a small break from work. She taught me to celebrate all the big and small achievements in life.

Kareena Kapoor Khan – she’s definitely an inspiration because she is confident, glamorous, absolutely unapologetic and lives life on her own terms. She will literally sit on a set and talk to everyone from the spot boy to the make-up team. This women is so grounded yet evolves as the ultimate Diva on the switch of the camera.

Which causes related to Women would you like to support?

My best friend and business guide Ruby Khan does immense work for women empowerment, Upliftment of the Girl child (from education, to hygiene or mental and emotional development). I feel privileged to be a part of her NGO as it is important to spread the awareness and make a difference. I am also the Ambassador of Young Environmentalists Programme and fight against climate change. I campaign against plastics very strongly.


3 tips to Women to be successful in life.

Be confident and be your own self.

Feel beautiful from the inside out.

Never stop learning – be humble enough to be a student for Life.

Your mottos for Women Empowerment

Strength and Confidence can burn all barriers. Never lose either of these and keep believing in penultimate power within you. Don’t let the ups and downs deter your confidence, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It’s you who defines yourself … You cannot live your life according to people’s judgement, live on your terms and love what you do.

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