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Summer special – Gift for Him – Qraa Men D-Tan Cleanser

This Summer, get Tan Free with Qraa

Qraa Men has introduced its D-Tan Cleanser which is enriched with the goodness of 3 Nutritive Oils to assist men with unwanted skin tone and suntans. The Qraa D-Tan Cleanser has been curated for men to augment their looks with elucidated and healthy-looking skin. This cleanser is congruous for those men who crave exceptional looks.

This creamy cleanser boosts radiance and brightens the texture level by deep cleansing the skin. Clove and Menthol Extracts help in relieving the skin from any kind of rashes and irritation in addition to providing flawless, smooth and supple skin. It deep cleans the skin and gives an immediate glowing effect.

Image 01_Qraa D-Tan Cleanser.jpg

D-Tan has ingredients that nourish the skin and evade tan from within like Aqua, Gycerin, Rose Extracts and Lemon Extracts. This cleanser must be used daily to ditch uneven skin as it gives instant whitening, exfoliates dead skin and thereby improves the skin texture too. It even repairs the damaged caused to the skin by the harsh and detrimental sunrays.

The D-Tan Cleanser comes in a brown and off-white tube which is a benefit for the skin health of the men. The nourishment provided by this cleanser has lastingly and incredible results for men with all skin types.

The Qraa Men D-Tan Cleanser is premium face cleanser which is available for just Rs. 350 for 100 grams and is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals. For added convenience and best offers you can also visit

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