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Product review – Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream


Qraa is a leading natural cosmetics company which combines ancient wisdom from the Vedas and infuses it with modernized and revolutionary technology. They believe in actively utilizing herbal ingredients in place of chemical-based, synthetic and cruel animal tested cosmetics. Each of their products contains a blend of extracts of different herbs to protect, heal and enhance the face, body and hair.

Qraa has introduced its new Dark Underarm Whitening Cream which helps in removing rashes, black spots and warts from underarms for you to have forever good-looking skin. It makes your underarms fairer and is suitable for all skin types.

It is a Whitening Cream which is free from Parabean, artificial colors and mock fragrances thereby giving your underarms a lighter tone naturally. Also, it is enriched with Vitamin B3.  The presence of natural ingredients, reduce the melanin production and soothes the skin irritation to reveal fairer and lighter underarms.

Qraa Lacto Advanced Underarm Whitening Cream is enriched with Aloe Vera Extracts, Lavender Oil, Glycerin, Vitamin E and Kojic Acid. It is advised to apply it twice a day for best results.

It is integrated in a white flip tube and replenishes your skin in the underarms which you have always wished and craved for.

Qraa Underarm Whitening Cream is an amazing product at just Rs. 200 for 50 grams and is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals. For added convenience and best offers you can also visit

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