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Product review – Oshea UV Shield Sunscreen Spray


Block the Sun’s Harmful Effects with Oshea UV Shield Sunscreen Spray, Oshea Herbals has introduced its new UV Shield Spray with SPF 40 PA+++ which has been formulated to reduce the harsh effects of the sunrays. The rays of the sun have detrimental effects for the skin which is why its protection is important. This comes in the form of a spray for easy application and usage.

This Sun Protecting Spray is a non-greasy, water resistant, preservative free and paraben free UV Shield Sun Block Spray. It is easy to use and the broad spectrum of sun protection is very long lasting. It quickly absorbs into the skin to make sun rays protection layer without giving any patchy look and enhances the elasticity of the skin with giving fresh, hydrating, clean and even skin tone.

It improves skin moisturization as it is enriched with natural ingredients like Purified Water, Glycerine, Licorice Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Extract of Chamomile and Essential Oils. This product not only guards the skin against the harsh effects of UVA/UVB but also, has a skin enhancing extract which makes the skin radiant.

It does not have any added artificial colour or fragrance and is very long lasting. All these benefits of the product make it ideal for it to be used by one and all, throughout the year as it has a broad sun protecting factor.

The Oshea UV Shield Sunblock Spray with SPF 40 comes in a white and yellow packaging that has effective results for the skin. It is a premium sunscreen with SPF 40 is for just Rs.345 for 120ml and is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.

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