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Product launch – REVO Stand Mixer & Dough Kneader

REVO Stand Mixer & Dough Kneader offers the performance of a powerful and expensive stand mixer at a really affordable price point.

This is made possible due to 3 functions – Moving Head creates the effect of Planetary Motion, which ensures effective mixing of dough, eggs, cream, etc. The patented Red Spatula ensures that the dough does not stick on the sides and gets kneaded properly to help make fabulous fluffy Rotis everytime. Rotating Stainless Steel Bowl completes the trinity of unique features that give REVO the performance usually found in mixers that cost 5 to 7 times more.


Speaking at the event, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said “ Wonderchef  works on the philosophy of healthy cooking and we are trying to improve the cooking experience of people so that they can enjoy what they cook. We have been working towards various innovations and REVO is one of them. We are bringing more such products which can ease out the tasks in the kitchen. Wonderchef is committed to empowering women by enabling them to cook better with its innovative and healthy appliances.”

Revo is available for pre-booking on and in retail stores across India.

MRP: INR 8000

Special launch price: INR 5999

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