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Amita Bhoir offer tips on a Workable Digital Strategy

A powerful digital marketing strategy is the cornerstone of a successful business. While digital marketing is inexpensive than other marketing methods, it is also the most powerful tool. The only caveat is that digital marketing requires businesses to take a more scrutinized and thoughtful approach when devising a campaign.


About Amita – Amita is an integral team member of the Digital Marketing Team as a Strategy Manager at Spicetree Design Agency (SDA). She is responsible for assisting the team with strategizing, developing, communicating and sustaining communications in the digital space.

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There’s no doubt that, in the modern landscape, a big part of marketing strategy is digital. The Target audience and businesses alike are almost always online and we want to be able to reach them and observe their behavior where they spend the most time.

Sometimes it seems like this ever-evolving landscape can quickly become overwhelming. As there is already so much to do and how we should reach our goals, and maintain a nimble digital marketing strategy? Amita Bhoir shares her authored story with her acute insights.

What main elements should a Digital Marketing strategy primarily focus on?

A Digital Marketing strategy comprise of series of planned actions which will help us achieve goals that we have for our brand. It all starts with a right research and knowing every detail of the brand that you are going to work on. Basically, you have to get in to skin of the brand and think accordingly while planning any new exercise for the brand.

How should goals be set for better responses?

Next step is to set a coherent digital goal. Decide what you want for your brand, it is multiplying sales, customer retention strategy, spreading brand awareness or any other standard goal that you want to achieve. Articulation of clear business objective is a crucial part while strategizing any digital plan. A clear goal gives you a pathway to implement our ideas digitally and then we have to dig down and go beyond this in a digital sense.

Are there any pre-sets budgets one should decide on?

Once we know what our digital goals are, then we can start figuring out what medium we need to harp our ad budgets on, of course only after setting a right budget for the campaigns. Keep in mind that digital marketing tools are the inexpensive form of advertising. Creating a budget is a big part of our digital marketing campaign as we then know the right tools that we need to put our money on.

How do you take a strategy forward?

After finalizing on the budget it is time when we need to flesh out the strategy that we have set up. Based on the informational and geographical needs as well as their digital behaviors, the correct and most appropriate digital channels should be targeted. This is where we then go into great detail on our digital channel strategy that is Social media tools, SEO, PPC, Display, Email, Social, Affiliate, Mobile etc.

How important is Content creation from the Brand’s perspective?

Once we know what tools we are going to use to market our brand digitally we now can start curating content as per the selected tools.  Content marketing is one of the most important parts of successful Digital Marketing Campaigns. Offering frequent interesting and relevant topics to our audience is the most important factor. Convincing and engaging content assists us to show our audiences what our brand represents. Content should highlight the qualities that establish our brand way ahead than the competitors.

The next step that we personally follow is to test thoroughly and make any necessary adjustments based on our learning’s. This is because we don’t want to discover that the campaign isn’t working once it’s already been executed. Once we’ve ensured that it works, check that it’s capable of hitting goals, and that it isn’t just functional, but capable of delighting in equal measure. Those ‘wow’ moments could be the reason behind getting leads for our brand.

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