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Book Launch – CUT: The Life and Death of a Theatre Activist

The book launch of the political narrative CUT: The Life and Death of a Theatre Activist was an interesting ensemble of guests who lent their opinions on the characters pertaining to the book.

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When asked about the inspiration behind CUT, author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu says, “When I was working in Mumbai, I always used to watch a lot of Marathi theatre and I was always interested in regional theatre, over and above very high browed and elite super theatre which is what a lot of English theatre is really. There was this very famous tamasha artist who had died just the way Amitabh Kulashestra dies in a crowded train compartment and that story stayed with me.

The body lying unclaimed in the Bombay Hospital morgue. His ex-wife, his fans, all speaking different truths. Also, I wanted to create a play where the protagonist is never in seen in person. If you read CUT, you will see that Amitabh is resurrected only through voices by people he knew”.

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu surely impressed us with her ideologies. Soft-spoken and serene, she revealed some nuggets of wisdom about her personal and professional life too. Her earlier book, Sita’s Curse was a best-seller and we are glad she came out with a different theme this time and didn’t succumb to publisher pressures.

Do watch this space for more on her!

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