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Shivangi Bajpai – I am a foster mom to three orphaned baby elephants.

Women surely know how to make a difference since they are creatively and aesthetically more vulnerable than men. The story which follows displays heavy doses of the passion, creativity and the desire to make a difference to the wild life.

INDIAN WOMEN’S WORLD salutes Shivangi Bajpai for going the extra mile and being a trendsetter with her achievements. Her favourite experience (as narrated in the story) will surely hold her in high esteem. Accolades and drum rolls to her for making a big difference and standing tall as an Empowered Indian Woman.

A big Salute to your achievements!






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Looking back, how did you get involved into Blogging?

Back when we were starting off with the establishment of our designer wear label “PINESSAA“, I was having a 9-5 government job that didn’t give me enough to invest my share of initial capital required for the start-up of a luxury designer brand. I started taking up freelance content writing projects to earn enough and invest. At that time, I had no clue about the wide world of travel blogging and least realized that it would become one of my greatest part-time occupation of becoming a travel writer and bringing awareness to my readers about wildlife conservation.

How do you decide on creating your content? How does your content give you an edge? 

I am a designer, a traveller, an animal & nature lover and I am closest to my camera. I can only capture and write about something that I connect with whole of my heart keeping it as real as possible. This is because I believe readers connect with your story only when they find it relatable and realistic, one they can dream of experiencing some day themselves. Having a specific niche for content also gives it an edge.

What are the USPs of your blog?

I like scripting a story through my series of pictures and content. Furthermore I want to ingrain in my readers a sense a responsibility towards animal conservation, nature and appreciation of traditional arts and architectures. Bringing out the beauty of a place I visit in its most raw form but always having a design edge to it.


What are the fundamental aspects you keep in mind while creating a blog post?

Content and aesthetic beauty of your writings only get appreciation when you bring value to your visitor’s lives. They are reading your blog with a hope of learning something new yet relevant, exciting yet logical.

Be open- avoid telling your readers solely about your successes, show them your failures too. Be honest and share personal stories in your posts.


How do you make money through your Blog?

I am full time occupied in my designer label PINESSAA that both I and my partner Neha take care of. Blogging and content creation is something I do merely out of passion thus freelancing, but with the growing demand and awareness of this potential career, respectable amount has started being paid to bloggers for content which they have curated with such hard work. Money does matter- either to fuel your passion or to get back on your feet.

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How do you derive inspiration on creating new content for your blog? 

You have to always be up to date with the latest news in your industry. Learn to understand your readers by analysing what feedbacks they give on any of your posts. Creating a poll mostly helps. You can always develop your own piece by adding the right dose of creativity into any topic your audience is interested in.

What have been your major achievements as a blogger?

My major achievement as a blogger has been to inspire others to love animals and conserve wildlife. Most importantly as a female solo traveller, my greatest achievement has been to inspire girls and ladies to break out of their shell and believe that they will be safe wherever they travel with just the right amount of planning and awareness about surrounding.

One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile?

So there is a very sweet story I would like to share here. I am a foster mom to three orphaned baby elephants which are taken care of at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya.

On adopting them I received a certificate which I uploaded on my Instagram stories and posts. Few days later, I met an elderly lady who follows me on Instagram and told me that she finds me as an inspiration and tells her daughter about me. The moment I had tears in my eyes is when she told me that on seeing my posts and stories about fostering baby elephants, she herself fostered a baby elephant to gift her daughter the certificate as a birthday present. This is what I work for, to make our living meaningful.

Is blogging a full-time career or just a hobby? 

I do it as a hobby as I immensely love to travel and explore, but it surely can be a full time career for several individuals who believe their writings can bring a change.

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5 tips for upcoming bloggers?

  1. Keep it real.

  2. Only Write and Capture What You Connect To.

  3. Believe in the saying “If you are good at something, realize your potential and never do it for free.”

  4. Respect your readers.

  5. Learn something new yourself with every new article you publish.

Your Favourite Blogger / Influencer

This is might be a long list but there are few names I look up to- Shaaz Jung, Twin Climbers (Tashi and Nungshi Malik),  Jari Peltomaki, and my friend Ashish Sulkh who is really an amazing travel photographer on assignment with Incredible India.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years (as a blogger)?

I believe brining more positive change in people’s life. Growing is constant if you truly believe in the content you create.

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