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Leena Duwadi – Blogging or storytelling should come from within you!

We all have a story to narrate but can you make it interesting and invigorating so that you get followers who wait for your next post. Today, social media has created new stars who took to blogging or micro-blogging just as a fancy. Somehow they were so hooked onto the passion that they loved what they were doing. The adulation and accolades that followed motivated them to bring about a subtle change in their own way.


Indian Women’s World nominates Leena Duwadi as the Blogger to watch out for in 2019.

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Leena Duwadi’s observant nature made her put on the thinking cap. Wordplay had always been her forte and blogging was the next destination. If you check her posts, you find them to instil a sense of belonging and upsurge you to start thinking. That’s the power of a thinking, intelligent blogger. Someone who makes you sit up and think, the change does follow.

Blogging Genre: Lifestyle

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Looking back, how did you get involved into Blogging?

I always had a feeling for storytelling. I loved playing words. I observe people, people of different groups, class, etc. Their real life stories excite me a lot. Being in digital media industry, storytelling has become a profession now. This has landed me into personal blogging.

How do you decide on creating your content? How does your content give you an edge?

When something gets me into deep thinking, I choose to write. It can be my own story or the story of someone else. I pick content that has at least some motivational or inspirational ingredients. The responses I get make me feel contented about my words.

What are the USPs of your blog?

I write about real life instances which everyone can easily relate to. Also, microblogging is one of the USPs of my writing which is easier and quicker to consume. People love reading something snappy that’s loaded with a message.

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What are the fundamental aspects you keep in mind while creating a blog post?

Picking the instances that are more relatable and acceptable. Making it as simple as possible so that it’s easier to understand. Optimizing it with the message I want to give out.


How do you derive inspiration on creating new content for your blog? What have been your major achievements as a blogger?

I do not force myself into writing. I do not have specific count of content daily or weekly. But I make sure, I look at things from the storytelling perspective and sit to write whenever I get the inner call. A handful of people who have changed the way they looked at life, through my words are is what I count as an achievement.

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One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile

Recently, I wrote about depression and how important it is to take care of oneself. I got an overwhelming response to the post. Out of those who read my piece, one young girl (who suffered depression) messaged me telling how she found hopes after reading my post. That was totally worth it. And this is what keeps me motivated. There have been several experiences where people have showered me love and respect with their responses.

Is blogging a full-time career or just a hobby?

I work for some digital platforms already, so I do personal blogging as a hobby.

5 tips for upcoming bloggers

  • Get into writing only when it becomes your passion. 

  • Blogging or storytelling is something that should come from within. Get influenced by others’ identity, style or success but do not try to copy others. You should have your own stories to tell. That makes you unique. 

  • Do not force yourself to write. Instead of that, keep nourishing your mind with the motivation to write.

  • Write for yourself, not for others. If you love your piece, others will automatically like it.

  • Stay real. Do not try to showcase something which you are not, in real life. 

Your Favourite Blogger / Influencer

I read a lot of people. I admire a lot of bloggers/storytellers. But there’s no as such specific as favourite. I respect every passionate blogger on the internet.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years (as a blogger)?

Creating a positive impact on millions of lives.

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