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Before you commit for marriage, check this out

By Shraddha

You have been in a relationship and are almost ready to make the final decision to tie the knot. Here are some things, you should know before you go ahead. 

Make sure you know exactly how much debt your fiancé is carrying. Even though you’re not legally responsible for debts your spouse accrued before your marriage, chances are that some of your earnings will go toward paying it down. It could cause serious problems for your marriage if one partner knows nothing of the other’s debt.


Equally as important, you need to ask what kind of debt your fiancé has. Start with these questions:

  • Do you have credit card debt?

  • Do you have student loans?

  • Do you owe friends or family members money?

  • Do you have gambling debt?


Get a solid understanding of each other’s debt and agree on principles for how you will pay it off and when.

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