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Product Review – Meri Gaiya, desi ghee

MERI GAIYA – Taking dairy farming back to happy times

Meri Gaiya was launched on 1st July, 2017 to rewrite the way rural farming communities are supported, revolutionise how animals are treated and of course, in the process deliver you a product that can become an integral part of your healthy life – the all-natural Desi Ghee hand-made from the A2 milk of Desi Cows.

IMG_8039 (1).jpg

Rajesh Madan, the founder of Meri Gaiya says – “We felt passionately about our cause for the consumer’s health, farmers as well as cows. We put together a small capital to start our dairy last year with just 4 Desi A2 Cows. We made sure to feed them only with Organic feed and took care of them like part of our extended family. We now have 28 cows.”

The milk production from these cows is enough for producing 100 litres of Meri Gaiya Desi Ghee every month in the beginning. Since it is made only from Desi A2 cows, Meri Gaiya Desi Ghee has all the healing and health properties that Ayurveda and modern science talk about. It is light and great for a glowing skin, mental clarity and digestion. It brings your body to a balance. If you are underweight, a spoonful of it early in the morning will increase your weight. And if you are overweight, it will reduce it.

It can be ordered online by logging on to or on Amazon where it enjoys a 5 star rating.


1 Ltr: Rs 1690/= plus tax 

330 ml: 875/= plus tax

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