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Sahiba Dhandhania – Feeling equal makes me empowered.

Sahiba Dhandhania – Digital Marketer


Back in the day, someone had asked me as to what was different between a man and woman entrepreneur – and I remember saying something to the tune of –

“So… It’s just as difficult to build a company for a woman, as it is for a man; the only thing more difficult for us is, convincing the world that we got there, the right way”

The mantra for being a successful entrepreneur is believing in my own force, without feeling undermined by anyone, and at the same time not behaving like I have a chip on my shoulder because I’m a woman, makes me empowered. Feeling equal, makes me empowered.

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Every day at work I know that through my humble attempt I will be able to inspire a young girl to dream and achieve. And, that makes me empowered.

My only request to all budding women out there is, the next time you hear of a successful woman, don’t think about how rich her father must be to have supported her, or how she might have a husband who created a business just for her. Appreciate her mettle for who she is, as today we need to drive a change together and we will stop when there’s nothing newsworthy about a woman entrepreneur.

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