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Ruchi Jha – Be Positive and happy


Ruchi Jha – Editor, proofreader, writer, translator, journalist

According to me, respecting oneself is the best way to stay empowered. I am very well aware of my strength and weaknesses and have no shame in accepting my follies. I respect myself with my flaws. I strongly think that people around me will respect me only when I have respect for myself. Not only this, self respect also helps me most of the times make better decisions and stand up for myself.

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I have set goals for myself:

Even the most empowered woman has set of goals. As far as I am concerned, I have a kid and I am a working mother. Each and every day is a new challenge for me and I take each challenge head on. I have a list of small goals for everyday and likewise for month and year too. According to me, I set goals for myself because it lets me stay focused. At the end of each day I try to analyze whether I was able to achieve the pre set goal. Hitting the target makes me feel confident and empowered.

Positivity is the key:

Negative thoughts and feelings are an obstacle in the way of success. It is very natural for negative feelings to crop up in mind but I try my level best to transform them into positive ones. At times staying positive also helps me come out of an adverse situation soon. According to me the best person to cheer you up is actually you. So, why let negative feelings bog you down and make you sad. My mantra is: “Be Positive and happy”.

Empowerment is something which might take a little bit of effort but it is something which every woman should feel because it’s actually worth it.

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