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Riya Gosain – Empowerment is the power of choice


Riya Gosain – Marketing Manager

I have small victories every day that add to my empowerment, but of course there is a long way to go. I think what really helped me was the act of reading. No one taught me about things like ‘empowerment’, ‘feminism’, ‘privilege’; I learnt about these by myself.

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The fact that I can walk confidently on the streets, pay for my meals, contribute to the household might seem miniscule, but I consider all of this as defining to me as an empowered Indian woman. If someone were to ask me what defines empowerment, I would say it’s the power of choice, or rather the availability of choice. I have been privileged enough to have some choices made available for me, others I had to fight for.

I feel inspiration and motivation are myths. If you keep waiting for the ‘Aha’ moment, there is a huge possibility that you might never actually take the first step. I have resolved to be completely independent, as doing the opposite is just setting myself up for disappointment. This philosophy might sound a bit odd, but trust me, I have only been getting better each day! What keeps me on the right path is strict discipline. I set regular goals and work towards them. I am intent on being the best person I can!

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