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Rhucha Kulkarni – “Do different” serves as my guiding light.

Rhucha Kulkarni – HR-professional turned entrepreneur


A former HR professional, today I play various roles- travel entrepreneur, travel writer, content creator, photographer, and familial roles. “Do different” serves as my guiding light.

My urge to “do different” goes back to my student days, when I decided to pursue management education despite hailing from a family which valued “technical” excellence. Yet, I persisted on my dream.

In a leap of faith, I left my blooming corporate career to start my own wildlife-travel venture. As tour-leader and wildlife-naturalist, I introduced people to the joy of the wild, deriving immense satisfaction.

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Yet, the need for variety and versatility prevailed; I next added a professional flair to my photography passion, by offering professional photoshoot services. Of course, my HR connection has always been important to me, and I retained this connect by regularly contributing content to business and HR magazines. Of course, carving out family-time is priority and we manage to cut out from routine through travel escapades every couple of months!

Today, I juggle these diverse roles with high spirits knowing fully the background context that made these come to life. The counsel and support of close family has given me the backing to go for my dreams! Yet, more often than not, the final call has been mine.  And as I continue to chase big dreams for my two ventures, I feel gratitude for what I have in life- independence, the ability and freedom to make choices, and no shying away from what my heart really wants. These values have, and will always empower me, I believe.

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