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Rashi Bahel – Empowerment cannot come by being alone

Rashi Bahel, a young woman entrepreneur, and Founder of Alanna, a 100% Natural & Vegan skin care brand believes in a simple mantra for life “simplicity is the best sophistication”.

Ms. Rashi Bahel Mehra, Founder, Alanna.JPG

When I started my entrepreneurial journey I honestly didn’t have the word ‘Entrepreneur’ in my mind. It was a passion combined with a market insight, that’s it. I only wanted to put my creative energy into play and wanted to build something that serves a purpose to everyone who wants to use Safe and Natural Skincare.

Building a business from scratch and to be bootstrapped is not as easy as social media makes it look. It requires a lot of commitment and you have to have the grit to stick it out despite of the challenges and the tough situations that come your way, which honestly arise everyday.

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I strongly feel that true empowerment comes from the people in your life. I am blessed to have been born into a family where I was raised as an independent person and my personality was not restricted to the stereo types of that of a boy or a girl. Furthermore, I was blessed even more to have found a partner and in-laws who believed in me with their everything and truly let me feel free and build what I wanted to, when I wanted to.

Empowerment cannot come by being alone. Empowerment means to feel more strong and confident and in control of your life. I truly believe that I am an empowered Indian women, but it is not only my doing. I am empowered by my family and my team. That is what Empowers ME.

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